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Entertainment, Media and Communications

Our entertainment, media and communications practice provides a full range of litigation services, including state and federal trial and appellate work, arbitration, and mediation.

Our lawyers advise and advocate on various issues affecting the industry, including enforcement of secured rights; profit participation disputes; tax concerns; patent, copyright and trademark infringement; guild issues; delivery, service and payment disputes; advertising; rights of publicity and privacy; defamation; and employment and labor matters.

We have a long history of successfully representing celebrities, actors, directors, producers, writers, recording artists, executives, production and distribution companies, publishing companies, newspapers, broadcasters, Web-based media, and major motion picture studios in all manner of industry disputes.


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  1. Entertainment

    We represent foreign and U.S. film, television, and other media clients, including major studios, independent motion picture and television production and distribution companies, celebrities, actors, directors, writers, artists, and executives. Our representation includes employment disputes; contractual disputes regarding producing, licensing, and retransmission and distribution of motion pictures and television programming; and film financing, profit participation and other accounting disputes.

    We represent individual celebrities and artists with respect to their right to privacy and right to publicity claims as well as prosecute defamation, libel, slander, emotional distress, copyright and trade infringement claims on their behalf.

    In addition, we serve as the defense lawyers of choice for Hollywood’s leading law firms in disputes arising between those law firms and their clients and third parties.

  2. Communications

    Print, television, Internet, telephone, wireless, satellite — the communications industry, so critical to individuals and businesses, and most certainly to entertainment and media, continues to change at lightning speed, and our lawyers understand and facilitate these cutting-edge developments. Because our clients are at the forefront of industry developments, we have unique insight into the industry’s complex and evolving services and issues. Applying our industry knowledge, we aggressively protect the interests of our communications clients in disputes with competitors, and also with customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors, employees, lenders and regulators. We can be found leading the charge for our communications clients on almost any issue they face in any forum — whether litigations, investigations or regulatory challenges before federal or state courts, the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, state attorneys general, the FCC, state public utility commissions, private or public mediators, or arbitrators. And, best of all, because we aim high and get desired results, our clients are as loyal to us as we are to them.

  3. Media and First Amendment

    Our lawyers have extensive experience in First Amendment litigation. We have an established track record of obtaining pretrial dismissals in the overwhelming majority of our media cases and have upheld those rulings on appeal. We also have successfully tried public and private figure defamation and invasion of privacy claims to jury verdict for major news organizations. Our lawyers have defended against subpoenas of reporters, authors and academics; litigated constitutional and statutory right-of-access cases and copyright claims; and performed pre-publication review for newspapers, magazines, book publishers and websites. We also have represented corporations, nonprofit organizations and individuals asserting rights to commercial and corporate free speech. These cases have resulted in more than 60 reported decisions handled by Bingham lawyers in the past 25 years, in addition to numerous other cases involving free speech and free press claims on behalf of media organizations, universities, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

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